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author = {{Cenarro}, A.~J. and {Moles}, M. and {Crist{\'o}bal-Hornillos}, D. and {Mar{\'\i}n-Franch}, A. and {Ederoclite}, A. and {Varela}, J. and {L{\'o}pez-Sanjuan}, C. and {Hern{\'a}ndez-Monteagudo}, C. and {Angulo}, R.~E. and {V{\'a}zquez Rami{\'o}}, H. and {Viironen}, K. and {Bonoli}, S. and {Orsi}, A.~A. and {Hurier}, G. and {San Roman}, I. and {Greisel}, N. and {Vilella-Rojo}, G. and {D{\'\i}az-Garc{\'\i}a}, L.~A. and {Logro{\~n}o-Garc{\'\i}a}, R. and {Gurung-L{\'o}pez}, S. and {Spinoso}, D. and {Izquierdo-Villalba}, D. and {Aguerri}, J.~A.~L. and {Allende Prieto}, C. and {Bonatto}, C. and {Carvano}, J.~M. and {Chies-Santos}, A.~L. and {Daflon}, S. and {Dupke}, R.~A. and {Falc{\'o}n-Barroso}, J. and {Gon{\c{c}}alves}, D.~R. and {Jim{\'e}nez-Teja}, Y. and {Molino}, A. and {Placco}, V.~M. and {Solano}, E. and {Whitten}, D.~D. and {Abril}, J. and {Ant{\'o}n}, J.~L. and {Bello}, R. and {Bielsa de Toledo}, S. and {Castillo-Ram{\'\i}rez}, J. and {Chueca}, S. and {Civera}, T. and {D{\'\i}az-Mart{\'\i}n}, M.~C. and {Dom{\'\i}nguez-Mart{\'\i}nez}, M. and {Garzar{\'a}n-Calderaro}, J. and {Hern{\'a}ndez-Fuertes}, J. and {Iglesias-Marzoa}, R. and {I{\~n}iguez}, C. and {Jim{\'e}nez Ruiz}, J.~M. and {Kruuse}, K. and {Lamadrid}, J.~L. and {Lasso-Cabrera}, N. and {L{\'o}pez-Alegre}, G. and {L{\'o}pez-Sainz}, A. and {Ma{\'\i}cas}, N. and {Moreno-Signes}, A. and {Muniesa}, D.~J. and {Rodr{\'\i}guez-Llano}, S. and {Rueda-Teruel}, F. and {Rueda-Teruel}, S. and {Soriano-Lagu{\'\i}a}, I. and {Tilve}, V. and {Valdivielso}, L. and {Yanes-D{\'\i}az}, A. and {Alcaniz}, J.~S. and {Mendes de Oliveira}, C. and {Sodr{\'e}}, L. and {Coelho}, P. and {Lopes de Oliveira}, R. and {Tamm}, A. and {Xavier}, H.~S. and {Abramo}, L.~R. and {Akras}, S. and {Alfaro}, E.~J. and {Alvarez-Candal}, A. and {Ascaso}, B. and {Beasley}, M.~A. and {Beers}, T.~C. and {Borges Fernandes}, M. and {Bruzual}, G.~R. and {Buzzo}, M.~L. and {Carrasco}, J.~M. and {Cepa}, J. and {Cortesi}, A. and {Costa-Duarte}, M.~V. and {De Pr{\'a}}, M. and {Favole}, G. and {Galarza}, A. and {Galbany}, L. and {Garcia}, K. and {Gonz{\'a}lez Delgado}, R.~M. and {Gonz{\'a}lez-Serrano}, J.~I. and {Guti{\'e}rrez-Soto}, L.~A. and {Hernandez-Jimenez}, J.~A. and {Kanaan}, A. and {Kuncarayakti}, H. and {Landim}, R.~C.~G. and {Laur}, J. and {Licandro}, J. and {Lima Neto}, G.~B. and {Lyman}, J.~D. and {Ma{\'\i}z Apell{\'a}niz}, J. and {Miralda-Escud{\'e}}, J. and {Morate}, D. and {Nogueira-Cavalcante}, J.~P. and {Novais}, P.~M. and {Oncins}, M. and {Oteo}, I. and {Overzier}, R.~A. and {Pereira}, C.~B. and {Rebassa-Mansergas}, A. and {Reis}, R.~R.~R. and {Roig}, F. and {Sako}, M. and {Salvador-Rusi{\~n}ol}, N. and {Sampedro}, L. and {S{\'a}nchez-Bl{\'a}zquez}, P. and {Santos}, W.~A. and {Schmidtobreick}, L. and {Siffert}, B.~B. and {Telles}, E. and {Vilchez}, J.~M.},
title = "{J-PLUS: The Javalambre Photometric Local Universe Survey}",
journal = {\aap},
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adsurl = {},
adsnote = {Provided by the SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System}
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