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last correction I hope!!

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......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ myplotlib_test_mytool:
- git name-rev --name-only HEAD
- ls -l
- cd mytool
- cd mpl_toolbox/
- cp ../.configs/tests/ ../
- python -m tests
- python -m tutorials
import threading
from serverside.myIOs import readStupidData
from serverside.figTest import FigTest as FigTests
from clientside.figTest import FigTest as FigTestc
from serverside.ios_tests import read_stupid_data
from serverside.figures_tests import FigTest as FigTests
from clientside.figures_tests import FigTest as FigTestc
SERVER_IOFUNCTIONS = {'readStupidData': readStupidData}
SERVER_IOFUNCTIONS = {'read_stupid_data': read_stupid_data}
SERVER_FIGURES = {'FigTest': FigTests}
import serverside.myplotlib as mpl_server
import clientside.myplotlib as mpl_client
server = mpl_server.MplServer2(port=12345, knownFunctions=SERVER_IOFUNCTIONS, knownFigures=SERVER_FIGURES)
client = mpl_client.MplClient2()
server = mpl_server.MplServer(port=12345, known_functions=SERVER_IOFUNCTIONS, known_figures=SERVER_FIGURES)
client = mpl_client.MplClient()
print "Server loop running in thread:",
......@@ -19,14 +19,14 @@ client.connect(('', 12345))
print("Client is now connected")
# create a figure
client.readData('readStupidData', 'data1')
fig1 = client.newSyncFigure(FigTestc, ('data1',))
client.read_data('read_stupid_data', 'data1')
fig1 = client.new_sync_figure(FigTestc, ('data1',))
# update test
fig1.update(xRange=[-2, 2],yRange=[-2, 2])
fig1.update(x_range=[-2, 2],y_range=[-2, 2])
# multiple figures
fig2 = client.newSyncFigure(FigTestc, ('data1',), xRange=[-1.5, 1.5], yRange=[-1.5, 1.5])
fig2 = client.new_sync_figure(FigTestc, ('data1',), x_range=[-1.5, 1.5], y_range=[-1.5, 1.5])
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