Commit 91f99163 authored by Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar Yori 'AGy' Fournier
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Now local figure will be create if server-side figure is also

well created

until now the Figure are different FigTestClient and FigTestServer
they are both imported on both side as FigTest. This does the trick.

But I would like to introduce decoration to have a single class.
parent 96bcb919
......@@ -160,8 +160,9 @@ if D_HIERARCHY in ('CLIENT', 'client', 'LOCAL', 'local'):
if D_HIERARCHY in ('CLIENT', 'client', 'LOCAL', 'local'):
from .test import myTest
from .test import testList
# from .test import myTest
# from .test import testList
from .test import FigTest
# for testing purpose
from .test import readStupidData
......@@ -4,9 +4,10 @@ from .myIOs import readStupidData, readStupidData2
if D_HIERARCHY in ('CLIENT', 'client'):
from .axTestClient import AxTestClient
# from .figTestClient import FigTestClient
from .figTestClient import FigTestClient as FigTest
# from .tests_client import myTest
# from .tests_client import test100
# from .tests import myTest
# testList = [test100,
# ]
# IMPORT ---------------------------------------------------------------
from .. import D_HIERARCHY
from .. import SEVR, DBUG, INFO
if D_HIERARCHY in ('Client', 'CLIENT', 'client'):
print(INFO+"Testing the client.")
print(SEVR+"This is atest for the client, the imports are not correct.")
raise ImportError
from .. import MyFig
from . import AxTestClient
class FigTestClient(MyFig):
FIGSIZE = (8., 6.)
def addAxes(self):
ratio = 6. / 8. # height/width of the axes (in inch)
frame1 = [0.1, 0.1, 0.8, 0.8] # part of the fig that is available
self.add_axes(AxTestClient(self, ratio, frame1), "p1")
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