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......@@ -102,41 +102,33 @@ be spread, allowing fast and consistent corrections.
making it fast and safe
# 3. Install from source **(without an account at**
### STEP 1: download source of the module myplotlib
- [zip](
- [tar.gz](
- [zip](
- [tar.gz](
extract and rename like `/home/user/src/python/myplotlib`
### STEP 2: Install
Set the python path
export PYTHONPATH="/home/user/src/python/"
Create your config file (in `/home/user/src/python/myplotlib/`)
python install
### STEP 3: testing
in `/home/user/src/python/`
in `/home/user/src/python/myplotlib/test/localhost/`
python2.6 -m myplotlib.__main__ -t
python2.7 -m myplotlib -t
python3 -m myplotlib -t
python -m tests
python -m tutorials
This will execute a series of tests, they should all be successful.
> **REMARK**: If you get some errors, try the minimal configuration: replace with myplotlib/.configs/
> **REMARK**: If you get some errors, try the minimal configuration: ...
# 4. Install with git (with an account at
from subprocess import Popen, PIPE
import setuptools
process = Popen(['git', 'describe', '--exact-match', '--tags'], stdout=PIPE, stderr=PIPE)
stdout, stderr = process.communicate()
version = stdout.decode('ascii')
with open("", "r") as fh:
long_description =
version='5.6.16b', # toward-v6 branch (still beta)
author='Yori Fournier, Philipp Gast',
author_email=' ???',
description='clean alternative to pyplot -- a wrapper around core API of matplotlib',
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