Commit b8100ee8 authored by Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar Yori 'AGy' Fournier
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add a new function in myTool::giveDataToWindow

parent 55097d21
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ else:
# myTool.*: interface functions to use myplotlib interactively
from .myTool import print2file, print2screen, printListCurrentWindows
from .myTool import getWindow, getFigOnWindow, drawFigOnWindow
from .myTool import getWindow, getFigOnWindow, drawFigOnWindow, giveDataToWindow
from .myTool import closeWindow, closeAllWindows
# MyFig4Test: Overlay of Figure for testing
......@@ -110,6 +110,16 @@ def drawFigOnWindow(fig, ID):
return(MyWin(fig, fignum=ID))
def giveDataToWindow(data, ID):
fig = getFigOnWindow(ID)
fig.update(inputarg = data)
win = getWindow(ID)
def closeWindow(ID):
for window in _G_WINDOWS:
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