Commit b99a6daa authored by Detlef Elstner's avatar Detlef Elstner
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MacOSX version working and tested

test203 failing: error unknown maybe due to matplotlib old version (1.3)
parent bb69aad9
......@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@ elif rcParams['backend'] == u'GTKAgg':
from .myWin_GTKAgg import MyWin_GTKAgg as MyWin
elif rcParams['backend'] == u'WXAgg':
from .myWin_WXAgg import MyWin_WXAgg as MyWin
elif rcParams['backend'] == u'MacOSx':
elif rcParams['backend'] == u'MacOSX':
from .myWin_MacOSx import MyWin_MacOSx as MyWin
print(SEVR + "The backend you choosed is not supported interactive mode not available")
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ D_OFORMAT = 'png' # default format for ouput
D_DEBUG = True # default debug value
# PLOTTING CONFIGURATION -----------------------------------------------
# BACKEND: u'TKAgg', u'GTKAgg', u'WXAgg'
# BACKEND: u'TKAgg', u'GTKAgg', u'WXAgg', u'MacOSX'
rcParams['backend'] = u'WXAgg'
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