Commit ce9aaa70 authored by Yori's avatar Yori
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in sync_fig_format_rawdata(): add the error message to the output.

                                             add a WARNING in case the Error message
                                                 has a <success Flag> (Status.value == True)
parent c4028bc0
...@@ -298,9 +298,15 @@ class MplClient(): ...@@ -298,9 +298,15 @@ class MplClient():
if isinstance(formated_data, Status): if isinstance(formated_data, Status):
if formated_data.value: if formated_data.value:
print('This should not happen') print('WARNING: This should not happen...')
print('Client recieved an Error with success status (True):')
else: else:
print('instead of answer a error was received') print('instead of answer an error was received:')
# Print error message
datas = (None,) datas = (None,)
else: else:
# set the figure data to answerSig.value # set the figure data to answerSig.value
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