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Merge branch '65-CI-script' into 'dev'

Resolve "TEST: Make the CI script ready for the tests"

Closes #65

See merge request !46
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- apt-get update -q -y
- apt-get install python-dev -q -y
- apt-get install python-dev python-tk -q -y
- wget
- python
- python -m pip --version
- python -m pip install --upgrade pip
- python -m pip install -U matplotlib
- git clone -b 63-cleaning-server-client-renovation myplotlib
- cd myplotlib/test/localhost
- git name-rev --name-only HEAD
- ls -l
- cd test/localhost
- ./
- python
- ./
......@@ -62,14 +62,18 @@ from matplotlib.backends.backend_tkagg import FigureManagerTkAgg, FigureCanvasTk
# Test mpl version:
from matplotlib import __version__ as mplvers
print('VERSION of Matplotlib:' + str(mplvers))
if int(mplvers.replace('.','')[:3]) < 150 :
import six
from six.moves import tkinter as Tk
elif int(mplvers.replace('.','')[:3]) > 200 :
import six
from six.moves import tkinter as Tk
else :
from matplotlib.externals import six
from matplotlib.externals.six.moves import tkinter as Tk
# Class MyWin Overwriting the disgusting Matplotlib.FigureManager class
class MyWin_TkAgg(FigureManagerTkAgg):
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