Commit fd45731f authored by Yori Fournier's avatar Yori Fournier
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Merge branch 'bugfix-formatted-false-by-set-rawdata' into 'dev'

BUGFIX: formatted not updated in set_rawdata

See merge request !11
parents c8792c08 e0dc23b8
......@@ -281,6 +281,7 @@ class MyFig(MyFig_base):
if(len(self.get_axes()) == len(rawdata)):
self.rawdata = rawdata
self.formatted = False
self.rawdata = ()
......@@ -310,10 +311,15 @@ class MyFig(MyFig_base):
status = True
print(DBUG + "currently formatting the data...")
if((self.reformat) or (not self.formatted)):
status = self.formatRawData()
print(DBUG + "currently plotting the axes...")
# For all axes in the figure reformat if needed and plot
for ax in self.get_axes():
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