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      BUG - Here I found an issue due to a test on the Axes object given to add_axes · 1b4c9bf4
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      If the Axes is of type MyAxes but deriving from Another class It won't pass the
      isinstance(ax, MyAxes) test
      However it will pass
      issubclass(ax.__class__, MyAxes)
      But if ax is derived from MyAxes from another namespace:
      ax.__class__ = some_namespace.MyAxes
      MyAxes = some_other_namespace.MyAxes
      It won't pass neither...
      Therefore I commented this test before I find a solution
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      add design module: · 05c0eb08
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      It is now possible to interactively design plots
      from text files.
      The file is going to be read and executes part of it
      as the place of key function of FigDesign and AxDesign
      Both of these classes are simulating behavior in an interactive
      The result can be saved under the form of classes with the
      tool savePlot.
  16. 31 Jan, 2017 2 commits
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      correction: · f5824412
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      add a check status after MyFig::plot such that is the
      ax can not format the data it return false and the false status
      is given to plot.
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      FEATURE: as seen · 599b5c7e
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      now you can create a figure interactively,
      modify it and save it into a file thanks to
      fig.print2file(<file-name>, as_seen = True)
      without as_seen keyword the print2file function
      will recall fig.plot and by this mean clean the axes
      and redraw them as defined in the FigClass
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      renaming and debugging: · 6189dd74
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      I renamed defineKeywords as declareKeywords better name for what is does.
      I also add a debugging alt for the Axes such that if you get
      >> "SomeAxes could not be formatted"
      you can set debug to True and get the real error message.
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      comment: · 1d2a35f5
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      just one more comment to make a clear distiction between updating the keywords and deleting them.
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      renaming and commenting: · 1565117b
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      i renamed _userAttributesKeys to _attributesToUpdateKeys because this is what they are.
      the attribute in this list are updated by the function update noyhing eslse.
      i also renamed rdict as rest, for two reasons, first the python standars suggests to avoid
      types in names (unnecessary information) and 'r' was not telling anything.
      rest seems to be appropriate since it represent the rest of keywords from kwargs.
      I also add a second condition for printing debug info in update: the rest dict0
      should not be empty, again would be too much info.
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      I now separates between MyFig and MyFig_base. MyFig_base can be used by... · 45c165f8
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      I now separates between MyFig and MyFig_base. MyFig_base can be used by overwritting the __init__ function and the plot function, very much like in v1.0.0, you just don't need update, remark the axes should be created in __init__ not in plot. The MyFig class however is smarter, and the user just need to overwrite defineKeywords and addAxes, yes, you don't need __init__! as their names suggests in defineKeywords you should update self.keywords, in addAxes you should add the objects MyAxes. Now the figure object reads a tuple of data object as argument (not optional anymore) each index for the axes. This behaviour can be overwritten in the function MyFig::formatRawdata, and MyFig::set_rawdata. Remark now the MyFig_base keywords became attributes: self.keywords['fignum'] -> self.fignum...
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      mypltlib is now restructured with tests in test. I also changed MyFig and... · 567d4b84
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      mypltlib is now restructured with tests in test. I also changed MyFig and MyAxes such that they can not be used alone. This is done such that now as seen in test figTest1 a figure consists only of an __init__ function. Nothing else is required. I also changed the refresh function of MyWins such that the figure does not destroy it axis but redraw them. So now the axes are create only ones. This has the side effect that when the window is resized the axes ratio is not respected anymore.
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