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    • Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar
      Correct former test now working · a9a1fa3e
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      I had to modify a few test because of the new prototype,
      and I had to modify computeFitRect to have a more user
      friendly behavior. Now if fitInFrame is set but ratio is
      none, the aspect ratio of the window is taken.
  10. 17 Jun, 2017 3 commits
    • Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar
      Changed the position of computeFitRect because of import ussues · c157736f
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      Now I put computeFitRect Back tp myAxes, because it is a required function,
      and also because in mytool It won't work becuase myTool requires to import
      myFig, which can not be done before myAxes.
      Therefore computeFitRect is still imported as a tool in __init__ but
      from myAxes.
    • Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar
      Changed ratio from explicit to unexplicit optional argument to allow · 5ca25d9c
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      the user to overwrite an Axes Class without ratio argument.
      Changed the name of computeSmartRect to computeFitRect to be more explicit
      and moved it into mytool/myTool.py loaded in __init__
    • Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar
      Made ratio becoming optional · 65e6a085
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      I set ratio to be a explicit optional argument. May not be the correct way... need to test.
      An unexplicit argument may be better for user.
      I also add a function in myAxes computeSmartRect
      the name of the function is not explicit and may be changed, the question is also if it should be
      included within the class or not...
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    • Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar
      New frame behaviour: · c69a44cf
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      now the frame is not the one from the entire Axes, but just of the
      bbox like in matplotlib.
      I add two keywords, forceRatioOnHeight/Width these key words
      ignores the Height/Width respectively and compute them
      from the Width/Height and the ratio.
      Since the ratio is not needed anymore it may be intersting to put it
      as a optional keyword.
      I am also thinking of one keywords:
      FitEntireAxesInFrame, which would fit the entire pictures
      (with axis labels, and ticks label, as well as centered in the frame)
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    • Yori 'AGy' Fournier's avatar
      mypltlib is now restructured with tests in test. I also changed MyFig and... · 567d4b84
      Yori 'AGy' Fournier authored
      mypltlib is now restructured with tests in test. I also changed MyFig and MyAxes such that they can not be used alone. This is done such that now as seen in test figTest1 a figure consists only of an __init__ function. Nothing else is required. I also changed the refresh function of MyWins such that the figure does not destroy it axis but redraw them. So now the axes are create only ones. This has the side effect that when the window is resized the axes ratio is not respected anymore.
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