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get started
download the module MYPLTEMPLATE
rename the module mymodule (name should be only letters: python requirements)
put it anywhere ex: home/src/mymodule
in home/src/mymodule type
git --branch tools
python -m myplotlib -t
Should execute a series of tests and say ok at the end
Now the install is ok let us start
from mymodule import *
# READ Some data
run1 = readRun('./mypltemplate/data/serie1/run1.txt')
# Create a figure to show the data
fig = FigOneAxes3D((run1,), AxResults)
# Create a window where the figure is shown
win = MyWin(fig, fignum=0)
# READ Some other data
run2 = readRun('./mypltemplate/data/serie1/run2.txt')
# Create another figure and put it directly into a window with the new data
win2 = MyWin(FigOneAxes3D((run1,), AxResults), fignum=1)
# close everything
# Read the serie now
serie = readSerie('./mypltemplate/data/serie1/serie1.txt')
# create the Fig of the parameter space
figPS = FigOneAxes2D((serie,), AxParameterSpace)
winPS = MyWin(figPS)
# create the Figure show the max of the runs
figMax = FigOneAxes2D((serie,), AxMaxResults)
# show it on win num0 (replace former window)
winMax = MyWin(figMax, fignum=0)
# call the interactive Design Figure to emulate the plotTemplate file
figDesign = FigDesign((run,), './mypltemplate/design/')
# SHow the interactive plotting
winDesign = MyWin(figDesign, fignum=1)
# now you can edit ./mypltemplate/design/ how you want and recall
winDesign = MyWin(figDesign, fignum=1) to actualize.
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